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  1. Seminar on Poverty Issued: 19 November 2015 Please find an invitation flyer to a seminar on poverty in our publications section.
  2. New in publications Issued: 11 September 2015 Please find SDCP Public Participation final report by Brian Harvey in our publications section.
  3. New in publications Issued: 9 July 2015 Please find in our publications SDCP's Local Economic & Community Plan submission and also SDCP's audited accounts.
  4. Workplan for 2015 Issued: 12 June 2015 Please find under the Publications tab South Dublin Community Platform's workplan for 2015.
  5. February Bulletin Issued: 26 February 2015 Please find South Dublin Community Platform bulletin for February in the Publications section.
  6. National Seminar on the Implementation of PPN in South Dublin Issued: 4 December 2014 A National Seminar on the Implementation of PPN took place on 24th November 2014. Please find in Publications Brian Harvey's draft report and presentation slides from the …
  7. National Seminar on Implementation of the PPN Issued: 30 October 2014 On Monday 24th November a National Seminar on the Implementation of the PPN in South County Dublin will take place in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel from 1pm to 4.30pm (with a …
  8. An open letter to the Government from the ESCRI - Taoiseach Enda Kenny Issued: 3 October 2014 Please find under Publications an open letter to the Government from the Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) Rights Initiative.
  9. Lunch briefing about changes taking place in local development and community participation structures Issued: 28 August 2014 SDCP is organising a lunch briefing on Tuesday 2nd September in Quarryvale FRC at 12.30pm where you will find out more about the Local Community Development Committee, the …
  10. SDCP Bulletin and Media Release Issued: 14 August 2014 Please find South Dublin Community Platform's latest bulletin and media release in our Publication section.
  11. SDCP summary of Citizen Engagement Briefing Issued: 25 April 2014 Please find our summary of Citizen Engagement Briefing with a link to the full document under the Publications heading.
  12. Putting Socially Excluded People First Issued: 27 March 2014 A follow up meeting took place on Thursday 13th March in the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel from 6 - 8pm. All members were invitied and there was a good turnout. From these meetings …
  13. Members Directory Issued: 25 November 2013 We are currently in the process of collecting information from our members to include in our Members Directory which we hope will go to print very shortly.
  14. Reps Meeting Issued: 21 October 2013 Meeting for Reps was held on 18th September. It was well attended. There was good sharing of ideas and useful tips between experienced and new Reps.
  15. AGM 2013 Issued: 7 June 2013 This years AGM was held on 28/05/2013 from 10am - 1pm in Quarryvale Community and Leisure Centre. There was a great turnout from our members and we would like to wish our …
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