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The Rights Platform is a dynamic community network, committed to human rights and the eradication of poverty, inequality and social exclusion. The Rights Platform supports its member organisations by providing information, policy analysis and support materials that inform, build capacity and enhance the collective voice of marginalised communities. In its work, the Rights Platform develops and implements innovative programmes, projects and research in collaboration with member and other organisations to advance social change and social justice.  The Rights Platform is linked to a range of national, European and international organisations involved in human rights, anti-poverty and community work

Civic Education

See our publication Informed & Active providing all the basic information required to participate in the General  Election in 2024 or 2025 in the publications section 

Poverty levels in South Dublin County

Browse through our compilation of poverty data relative to South Dublin County. The data is based on Census 2022, the Pobal HP Deprivation Index (Pobal maps) and the Survey of Income and Living Conditions (SILC)

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Advocating for economic, social and cultural rights


The Rights Platform is a membership organisation, representing a diversity of organisations active in the social inclusion community sector in South County Dublin.   

The work of the Rights Platform includes:

  • Networking organisations working in the county to address social exclusion, inequality and human rights abuses 
  • Collectivising and strengthening the voice of the marginalised, helping to profile their needs and progress their priorities
  • Promoting meaningful participation in planning and decision making in national and local government and in the work of statutory agencies delivering essential services
  • Monitoring and influencing the implementation of national and local policy and delivery
  • Working in collaboration to develop initiatives that promote human rights, anti-poverty and equality outcomes 

Committee & Structure

The Rights Platform is managed by a board of directors, who oversee the work, maintain best operational practice and ensure that the aims, principles and ethos of the organisation are upheld.


The Rights Platform is made up of local community and voluntary groups who have a focus on antipoverty and social inclusion across the South Dublin area.

The Platform is a mechanism through which all of these groups can come together to develop and represent the collective voice of those who are most marginalized in the South Dublin area.

The Platform has a specific anti-poverty and equality focus which ensures that the needs and concerns of groups such as people with Disability, Lone Parents, Drug Users, Long Term Unemployed, Women, Travellers, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Homeless People and others are represented at local, County and National level.

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St. Kevin’s Girls School, Kilnamanagh,

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